WATCH: Switching on climate finance in Kenya

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Africa accounts for many of the fastest growing economies in the world, but with this growth comes new challenges including those posed by climate change.  Kenya has identified investment in energy as critical to its growth, but without combined investments from both the public and private sector, this will not be achieved in a way that is sustainable and compatible with the climate.

Today Kenya is looking to global climate finance to help access greener energy opportunities that are both low carbon and resilient. This will contribute to sustainable development and will help the East African country address real issues on the ground – the need for greater access to energy for more Kenyans.

Through interviews with Government, the private sector and researchers, this CDKN production looks at how Kenya is dealing with the challenge of generating more electricity in a way that does not make it part of the climate change problem.


FCFA Film: Adapting Rwanda

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A new film ‘Adapting Rwanda: Growing Rwanda’s tea and coffee sectors in a changing climate’, by Hero productions and commissioned by CDKN and the Future Climate for Africa programme, documents some of the smart measures that farmers and estate managers can take to safeguard tea and coffee crops – and people’s livelihoods – in the short to medium term. The film presents a pragmatic approach to climate-proof tea and coffee sector plans from the early design stage, through implementation and project finance. The approach, developed by Paul Watkiss and the Tea and Coffee Climate Mainstreaming Project, in association with the Government of Rwanda, holds promise for Rwanda but also offers lessons to tea and coffee regions elsewhere in the world.

Watch inspiring Libélula video

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Watch the short film on the work Libélula, our MAPS partner in Peru, undertakes. Libélula works closely with a wide range of public and private actors, identifying risks and opportunities addressing climate change to promote and build sustainable actions at all levels, for a low-carbon future, efficient use of resources, and resilient to changes in the climate.


SSN Legacy CD

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This illustrated and animated presentation highlights SouthSouthNorth’s (SSN) work experiences in the period 2000 – 2008.  It outlines our story, projects, tools and learnings. Our resources from this period are also available: to obtain a hard copy of the content please email