SouthSouthNorth is committed to sharing our research, findings and learning in order to promote best practice. A few of the latest publications from our programmes can be found below. For comprehensive libraries of all programme-related outputs, visit the respective programme resource pages.

READ: CDKN WORKING PAPER: Making governance work for water-energy-food nexus approaches

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A new CDKN working paper by Andrew Scott of the Overseas Development Institute explores the effectiveness of governing for the “water-energy-food nexus”. The author looks at approaches that understand the links between sectors, recognise these in decision-making and promote integrated policy-making.

Read the paper here

WATCH: Switching on climate finance in Kenya

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Africa accounts for many of the fastest growing economies in the world, but with this growth comes new challenges including those posed by climate change.  Kenya has identified investment in energy as critical to its growth, but without combined investments from both the public and private sector, this will not be achieved in a way that is sustainable and compatible with the climate.

Today Kenya is looking to global climate finance to help access greener energy opportunities that are both low carbon and resilient. This will contribute to sustainable development and will help the East African country address real issues on the ground – the need for greater access to energy for more Kenyans.

Through interviews with Government, the private sector and researchers, this CDKN production looks at how Kenya is dealing with the challenge of generating more electricity in a way that does not make it part of the climate change problem.


POLICY BRIEF: How do gender approaches contribute to climate compatible development? Lessons from Kenya

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This brief is based on a research project carried out by Practical Action Consulting with support from the Institute of Development Studies, commissioned by and supported by CDKN, to provide evidence on the advantages and challenges of integrating a gender dimension into climate compatible development strategies in urban settings, with a focus on Kenya. Although considerable evidence exists pertaining to rural areas, significant knowledge gaps can be found in relation to climate compatible development and gender in urban areas.

This report was produced as part of a series of papers on gender and climate change, to read more, visit our page on Gender equality and achieving climate goals.

CDKN OUTLOOK: Uganda Special Edition

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Uganda is a low-income country whose economy has recently enjoyed a growth spurt. Uganda’s leaders have set their sights on achieving upper middle income status in a generation’s time.

However, climate change could have a deep influence on Uganda’s development progress. Highly dependent on the climate-sensitive sectors of agriculture, tourism, water and energy, Uganda has suffered more frequent droughts, floods and other extreme climate events in recent decades.

In the new publication ‘Climate and Development Outlook: Uganda Special Edition’, CDKN’s Senior Strategic Advisor for Uganda, Revocatus Twinomuhangi describes the everyday reality of climate change for Ugandans, and the critical policy choices which face the country today.

CDKN: Ethiopia Special Edition

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Ethiopia has long been associated with extreme climate events. From devastating droughts and famines – particularly in 1984 and 2003 – to the severe flooding in 2006, it has emerged not only as one of the countries most affected by a changing climate, but also as one of the African nations most committed to dealing with climate change. Strong political leadership and an understanding of the importance of climate finance have driven Ethiopia’s commitment to the goals of sustainable development.

Read this edition of Climate and Development Outlook: Stories of change from CDKN – Ethiopia Special Edition, which takes a tour of CDKN’s programme throughout this diverse country.

CDKN WORKING PAPER: Innovative risk finance solutions – Insights for geothermal power development in Kenya and Ethiopia

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A project by Parhelion, a private sector insurance and risk company focused on climate finance, funded by CDKN, aimed to improve the technical capacity of Kenya’s and Ethiopia’s local insurance industries for using geothermal risk mitigation instruments. A consultative process with relevant stakeholders in these countries yielded insights and recommendations for international, multilateral and bilateral institutions that are looking to support geothermal resource development.

Read CDKN’s Working Paper here.