Compiling South Africa’s Market Readiness Proposal for a carbon tax

SouthSouthNorth, in partnership with the Green House and ECOFYS, is working with the South African Government to draft a Market Readiness Proposal that outlines the support required to implement the country’s proposed carbon tax.

SouthSouthNorth has been awarded the 4th Component of the work to complete South Africa’s Market Readiness Proposal – the country’s road map for selecting and designing a market-based instrument for greenhouse gas mitigation as well as its regulatory components. The proposal also includes a funding estimate for implementation and a timetable for delivery.

The proposals will be presented to the PMR Partnership Assembly, the decision-making body. Based on the proposal, the assembly allocates funding to support the implementation of the proposal during a period known as the PMR implementation phase. Implementing Country Participants then implement their proposals with PMR funding, as well as other sources of funding.

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