Call for Expressions of Interest – Mobilising Private Investment for NDC Implementation in Kenya

Call for Expressions of Interest: Framework Contract to provide consultancy services for the Mobilising Private Investment for NDC Implementation project in Kenya

CDKN undertook a scoping study on private investment for NDC implementation that highlighted the opportunities in replacing charcoal as a cooking fuel in Kenya’s urban centers. SSN intends to take forward the recommendations from the scoping study and contract more in-depth analysis and technical assistance to support the charcoal replacement business case.

The objective of this Expression of Interest is to enable SSN to identify and select a suitable service provider(s) to undertake discrete scopes of work under the Mobilising Private Investment for NDC Implementation project. In order to evaluate bidders, SSN requires the information sought in this EOI from each Bidder who wishes to be considered as a preferred supplier for future work.

The closing date for responses to this EOI is 15th December 2017.

Please refer to the Project Terms of Reference (ToR) and the Bidder Application Template


Clarification questions

  • Please can you confirm that this EOI window is for the full Phase A (all 3 work streams)?
  • Based on the email, we understand that Phase A will begin immediately after a firm is chosen based on their EOI, and that there will not be a proposal stage to bid on the broader scope of work from the ToR. Is this the correct interpretation, or will be there be a call for proposals to complete all other parts of the scope of work in the New Year?


The purpose of this EOI is to select a Preferred Supplier(s) (possibly more than one) for any work that SSN/CDKN decide to follow up on – flowing from the scoping study – relating to private sector investment in NDCs in Kenya. This selection will potentially include the Preferred Supplier(s) for any of the 3 workstreams mentioned – including follow up work. As things stand, we are likely to target Charcoal Replacement and not small scale forestry, biomass replacement for industry, or small scale DC appliances/equipment (all mentioned as possible options in the completed scoping study). However, we do not rule out these as possible areas of focus for the future. We intend to enter into a framework contract with the Preferred Supplier(s) and then award contracts based on discrete scopes of work from time to time.

The proposed comparative fuel analysis will begin immediately after the EOI – and will be awarded to a firm based on the outcome of this EOI, once a discrete scope of work and price has been agreed. It will not be necessary for the Preferred Supplier(s) to compete in a detailed proposal stage. It is our intention to begin discussions on this first discrete scope of work immediately after the conclusion of the EOI process.

Depending on the outcome of the EOI, future work (other than the comparative fuel study) may be competed between two or more firms, who were selected (as preferred suppliers) from this EOI. It is also possible, should a specific piece of future work be beyond the capacity of the Preferred Supplier/s, that we compete again on the open market.