The CLARE programme will be present at the ‘Adaptation Research Alliance – Walking-the-talk for action-oriented adaptation research’ event, which will take place on 03 December 2023  in the UK Pavilion. To learn more about this event, please visit the CLARE website.


CLARE will also be present at ‘Empowering Equitable North-South University Collaborations: Unpacking the Education Sector’s Role in Climate Action for a Sustainable Future’, on 04 December 2023 in the Commonwealth Secretariat Pavilion.


Lastly, CLARE will be co-hosting an event for CapaCITIES Day with the Adaptation Research Alliance on 05 December 2023 in the 5th Capacity Building Hub. To learn more, please visit the CLARE website.


If you are able, we would greatly appreciate your support in attending our events listed below, and would love to connect with you. Please be on the lookout for our CLARE representatives at the events and around the Blue Zone at CoP28.



Sunday, 03 December 2023
Adaptation Research Alliance – Walking-the-talk for action-oriented adaptation research


Time: 14:30-15:30 GMT+4 / 12:30-13:30 SAST

Venue: UK Pavilion

Session host[s]: Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office, Adaptation Research Alliance, CLimate Adaptation and REsilience


Scaling up and enabling investments in action-orientated research that addresses the pressing needs for adaptation of the most vulnerable is increasingly urgent. This is the mission of the Adaptation Research Alliance (ARA). In this event, the Alliance will bring together key influencers and thought-leaders who are walking-the-talk to address this challenge, aiming to compel others to follow suit. Together, they will showcase the importance of bringing together the diverse actors – including donors, civil society and international organisations – who are part of ARA constituency, to shift the dial to accelerate evidence-based, southern- and locally-led action for climate resilience


Monday, 04 December 2023
Empowering Equitable North-South University Collaborations: Unpacking the Education Sector’s Role in Climate Action for a Sustainable Future

Time: 09:45-11:15 GMT+4 / 07:45-09:15 SAST

Venue: Commonwealth Secretariat Pavillion

Session host[s]: The Association of CommonWealth Universities, YOUNGO, SouthSouthNorthLeast Developed Countries Universities Consortium on Climate Change, UK Universities Climate Network


Universities play a key role in addressing the challenge of climate change – not just through research and education, but also through the facilitation of knowledge exchange and action-oriented collaboration with business, civil society, and the public sector. In doing so universities help create the conditions to increase ambition and accelerate implementation.


Radical collaboration between global north and global south universities amplifies this impact, helping increase capacity, leverage resources, share knowledge and best practice, and increase understanding of local and regional context. The Association of Commonwealth Universities is the Commonwealth’s only accredited organisation representing higher education. This panel convenes key partner university networks with speakers from Australia, Bangladesh, Kenya, Uganda and the United Kingdom.


The panel will explore the opportunities provided by North-South university collaboration on climate change, as well as some of the challenges and potential pitfalls – including issues around equitability, fairness and protection of knowledge and innovation.



Tuesday, 05 December 2023
CapaCity through Co-creation: Comparing transformational processes of capacity development for urban resilience

Time: 16:25-17:25 GMT+4 / 14:25-15:25 SAST

Venue: 5th Capacity building Hub within COP28

Session host[s]: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, CLimate Adaptation and REsilience, SouthSouthNorth, PlanAdapt,  Adaptation Research Alliance, ICLEI Africa, Met Office


Knowledge co-creation and shared learning is at the very heart of this session which will demonstrate how multi-actor processes can tangibly deliver enhancements in urban capacity building. Firstly, Represa will showcase their inclusive approach to improving in-country capacity in multi-hazard impact-based forecasting and community-level early warning communication by equipping vulnerable communities, development actors, local authorities and decision-makers at the national level. The INACCT project will then demonstrate a unique approach to bringing different city stakeholders together for tackling climate hazard events in informal settlements in two Southern African cities (Beira and Durban). Lastly, a new approach of co-production for urban resilience prepared by the Adaptation Research Alliance (ARA) through in-depth consultation and engagement with over 100 organisations from across the global South will be showcased.


If you are unable to attend, you can stream this event on the 5th Capacity building Hub YouTube Channel.