DecarBOOST at New York Climate Week Webinar

Latin American countries face both challenges and opportunities as the region moves to Net-Zero. In dialogue with the Decarboost teams in Argentina, Brazil and Peru over the past three years, stakeholders in Government and the private sector highlighted policy instruments, financial mechanisms and investment opportunities that will drive climate action in the region.  Decarboost will present relevant case studies, insights and findings from key sectors to an international audience for the first time at two webinars during the New York Climate Week in September, 2022.


To register for these events, please follow the links below:
  • Register for 20 September: The role of policy instruments and mechanisms in financing deep decarbonization pathways in Latin America.
  • Register for 21 September: Investment areas and opportunities across the transport, energy and AFOLU sectors that will drive deep decarbonisation in Latin America.


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