Repeated Call for Expressions of Interest

Call-Down Technical Assistance For FCDO Climate Mainstreaming Facility

Prospective and existing partners are hereby invited to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to be shortlisted to provide technical assistance for FCDO’s (previously DFID’s) Climate Mainstreaming Facility.

Objectives of Facility

The Climate Mainstreaming Facility responds to the growing need from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) country offices and departments for up-to-date information on the climate risks and opportunities relevant to FCDO’s geographies and sectors of operation. The Facility was previously supported by the donor entity, the Department for International Development (DFID), which changed to the FCDO with effect from 2 September 2020. The Facility aims to support the uptake of climate information, climate risk analysis and adaptation assessment, providing practical advice to support advisors and programme teams in mainstreaming climate risks into FCDO’s project concept notes and business cases, and to enhance compliance with the Smart Rules for Climate & Environment and the FCDO Smart Rules. The FCDO Climate Mainstreaming Facility is housed at SouthSouthNorth and co-hosted in partnership with Paul Watkiss Associates.

What kind of support will the Facility provide?

The Facility will provide flexible, on-demand, call-down support to FCDO country, regional offices and departments, focused on the following broad areas:

    • Integrating current and future climate risks into FCDO concept notes and business plans for new project development, in line with guidance.
    • Sourcing and reviewing primary climate information to inform early project design concept notes and business plans. 
    • Assisting with clearer International Climate Fund (ICF) narratives at the programme and office level.
    • Advising on the monitoring or evaluation of climate benefits(e.g. identifying appropriate ICF KPIs).
    • Advising on national-level climate policies and implementation plans and finance.
    • Allocating robust % ICF integration across project portfolio through documented component-based budget analysis.


Key links to download the Terms of Reference of the Facility and to upload information related to the Expressions of Interest

    • Download the Terms of Reference for the Facility here.
    • Partners who have previously submitted an EOI to please update their information and validate their continued interest and availability for future work. Completing this form is an opportunity to update information originally submitted, e.g. CVs, company details, day rates and availability via this online form.
    • Prospective partners are invited to submit EOIs to be shortlisted on the Facility’s Roster of Experts via this online form.


All forms must be completed by 10 February 2021, 11:59 pm GMT

The inception phase of the FCDO Climate Mainstreaming Facility identified the need to broaden the skills and regional expertise of the suppliers shortlisted on the Roster of Experts. Suppliers from developing countries with demonstrated expertise in programme implementation, finance and policy coupled with mainstreaming of climate adaptation activities into FCDO programme design (concept notes and business cases) and Theories of Change will be given preference. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, there has also been a shift towards looking at a green recovery with increasing ICF spend ambitions and aligning ambitions with those of the UK government.