Join the ARA:

The ARA is inviting organisations and entities running initiatives on climate change adaptation to become formal members of the Alliance.
By joining the ARA, members will confer a number of benefits and opportunities:

    • Access to a global adaptation network: this includes a diverse set of funders, policymakers and adaptation research and action organisations.
    • Build collaborations and partnerships: from this network of stakeholders, members will have the opportunity to build agile, interdisciplinary partnerships and collaborations (e.g. between Southern and Northern institutions and researchers).
    • Share adaptation action research learning: members will have the opportunity to share and learn from new practices and approaches for supporting and implementing action-oriented research to ensure research is more ‘user-friendly’ and actionable for local actors.
    • Participate in policy – advocacy dialogues: opportunity for members to jointly advocate for shifts in policy, finance flows and improved standards of action and research to enable effective adaptation to climate change
    • Benefit from resource mobilisation: members may benefit from new resources, programmes and activities that are developed or supported through the ARA as the programme seeks to catalyse and scale up investment in action research

The ARA invites interested members to join this exciting initiative and to become members in pioneering leadership for effective adaptation action globally. Review the ARA Theory of Change and Adaptation Research for Impact Principles for more information on the programme.

To join the ARA and discover what the membership entails, please see the ARA eligibility form.

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