CA SGF Case Study series

The SGF case study series offers an account of experiences on selected key themes, drawing directly on the experience of institutional role-players, including Small Grant Recipients. Nine Case Studies were developed to document key aspects of the SGF pilot of Enhanced Direct Access (EDA) climate finance. Collectively, they provide a synthesis of the learning, rooted in examples and drawing on the experience and expertise of project implementers.  It is hoped that these will provide relevant and accessible learnings from which donors and implementers of community-based climate change adaptation can continue to promote adaptation and resilience throughout vulnerable communities in Africa and beyond.

The nine case studies are highlighted below:

  • Tale of Two Districts: Regional influences on the implementation of community-based climate change adaptation
  • Facilitating Agency Experiences: The important role of Facilitating Agencies in the Small Grants Facility implementation in two districts in South Africa
  • Participatory Project Development for Small Grants: Lessons learned from the Small Grants Facility Project funded by the global Adaptation Fund
  • Adaptive Management: Enhancing Direct Access to Climate Finance
  • An Emerging Framework for Capacity Building: Reflection and response as part of Community Based Climate Change Adaptation
  • Community-Based Climate Change Adaptation: What does success look like?
  • Cascading Compliance: Lessons on achieving compliance within Adaptation Fund’s Environmental and Social Policy requirements
  • Promoting Good Governance: Oversight and compliance support mechanisms within the context of Enhanced Direct Access and Climate Change Adaptation
  • A New Approach to Enabling Local Responses to Climate Change: learning from the Community Adaptation Small Grants Facility

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