WISER webinar recording: Lessons in Co-Production of Climate Services from African Case Studies

The WISER programme hosted its first public webinar, which focused on sharing learning on how to co-produce climate services in Africa.

The webinar provided a glimpse of some of the initial findings from over 15 case studies, drawn from the on-going development of a climate services Co-production Manual. The manual is a joint product of the WISER and Future Climate for Africa programmes. In this webinar, an introduction to building blocks and principles of co-production of climate services was given. This was followed by presentations from selected WISER and FCFA case studies.

Watch this webinar here:


Anna Steynor – Climate System Analysis Group (WISER TRANSFORM and FCFA FRACTAL)

Katharine Vincent – KULIMA Integrated Development Solutions (WISER TRANSFORM and FCFA UMFULA)

Emma Visman – VNG Consulting Ltd and King’s College London (WISER TRANSFORM and FCFA AMMA-2050)

Katinka Lund Waagsaether – Climate System Analysis Group (WISER TRANSFORM AND FCFA FRACTAL)

Joseph Mutemi – IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Centre (WISER W2SIP)

Tufa Dinku – International Research Institute for Climate and Society (WISER TRANSFORM)

Host / Facilitator

Suzanne Carter – SouthSouthNorth (WISER TRANSFORM)

The webinar presentation is available for download here.

The list webinar Q&A’s is available for download here.

About the WISER webinar series

A series of virtual meetings will be facilitated by WISER TRANSFORM and share learning from the WISER programme with interested stakeholders. The meetings will be hosted with Zoom (www.zoom.us) which enables participants to connect with computer or telephone, offering video, audio and other functionalities. Upon registration, you’ll receive direction for joining the meeting, including a necessary software download.

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