Watch: A documentary detailing the work of the Duiwenhoks Conservancy

Situated close to the Duiwenhoks river in the Eden District of the Western Cape, is a small village called Vermaaklikheid. The landscape surrounding the village used to be pristine limestone fynbos. It is now heavily infested with rooikraans (acacia cyclops) which has a negative impact on all aspects of biodiversity, as well as being a fire hazard and reducing water flow from springs. In partnership with SouthSouthNorth, the Duiwenhoks Conservancy raised funding from the Global Environment Facility to support a number of conservation projects within the village.

These projects include:

  • The clearing of invasive alien plants and harvesting of firewood
  • A community vegetable garden
  • The harvesting of thatching reed


The goal of these projects is to create jobs and income for local residents, conserve the natural environment and to support a functioning community. This short documentary tells the story of Abie and James and the work done on these projects, in the village of Vermaaklikheid.