Webinar: Mini-Grids for Rural Electrification and Development

Watch this webinar: Mini-Grids for Rural Electrification and Development: Enabling Effective Business Models through Well-Designed Policies

Project developers shared their experiences working within these diverse markets that have created a wide range of business models. Innovative business models for the development, financing, ownership, and management of mini-grids was discussed, as well as how governmental actions can address business barriers in areas such as licensing, tariff setting, connection costs and the provision of compensation for mini-grid businesses that are compromised by the arrival of the main grid.

The session was hosted by the AfLP together with the LEDS GP Energy Working Group.

This webinar took place on 19 September 2018.


Alexander Ochs – SD Stategies
Josh Ogada – SouthSouthNorth


Nico Peterschmidt (INENSUS)
Mini-grid policy trends – Policy supporting sustainable operation of solar mini-grids
Download Nico’s presentation here.

Aaron Leopold – Africa Mini-Grids Developers Association
Policy measures for supporting mini-grids
Download Aaron’s presentation here.

Mukabanji Mutanuka (Engie Power Corner)
Power Corner business model, Tanzania case study, Power Corner Zambia and scale up

Robert Cunningham (RVE.SOL/Kudura)
Mini-grids experiences in Eastern Africa
Download Robert’s presentation here.

Caroline Nijland – Helios Infinitas
Mini-grids experiences in Western Africa
Download Caroline’s presentation here.