Webinar recording: Mobilising Investment for NDC Implementation – Project Overview, Progress and Emerging Lessons

The project which is funded by the German Government under the International Climate Initiative (IKI), aims to support the mobilisation of public and private sector capital for the implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in order to assist countries to achieve their low emission, climate resilient development goals. This project is implemented across 7 countries: in Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya), Asia (Bangladesh, the Philippines, Vietnam) and Latin America (Dominican Republic, Peru).

The project is led by SouthSouthNorth (SSN) in Cape Town, South Africa together with partners PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in London, UK and The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Denver, USA.

This webinar, which covered project overview, progress and emerging lessons, took place on 07th May 2019. It is the first in a series to be delivered over the next 12 months.

Watch the recording here:


Bethany Speer is a Senior Researcher at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Denver, USA with a Master of Arts focused on Global Finance, Trade and Economic Integration from University of Denver. She is an experienced clean energy professional, who specializes in policy enabling environments for renewable energy. She has a Master of Arts focused on Global Finance, Trade and Economic Integration from University of Denver.

Kamleshan Pillay is a Climate Finance Specialist at SouthSouthNorth with a MPhil in Environmental Policy from the University of Cambridge and is currently reading for a PhD specializing in Adaptation Finance from the University of the Witwatersrand. His professional experience includes environmental finance projects for the South African government, the Norwegian Government and International Organisations such as UNIDO, SADC, UNDP and major donor entities such as NORAD and IDRC.

Yasomie Ranasinghe is a Sustainability Consultant at PwC UK with an MPhil in International Development from the University of Cambridge. Her work focuses on climate finance and policy, mobilising private investment for sustainable development and sustainable land use.


Dr John Thorne is a senior member of the SouthSouthNorth team and manages various programs at the organisation. He has a keen interest and understanding of the drivers of the private sector. John has raised venture capita in South Africa and the USA and founded and exited companies in the software and technology sector. He graduated as a medical doctor with an MbChB from the university of Cape Town and also has an MBA from The Graduate School of Business in Cape Town.

Download the webinar presentation.

List of webinar Q&A’s to follow.